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Shivani Sikri

I am Shivani Sikri...

I am Shivani Sikri, a Celebrity nutritionist, Wellness Specialist and seasoned nutripreneur – Founder @ Nutri4Verve , with a rich 15+ year history in the nutrition business. Raised in a family that boasts doctors, naturopaths, and Ayurveda specialists on my maternal side, and entrepreneurs and industrialists on my paternal side, I embody a unique fusion of both worlds. Surrounded by tangible evidence and the benefits of functional nutrition, my journey in this field was a natural calling.

As a research scholar, I invested extensively in research, reading, and practice, culminating in post-graduate and master’s degrees in life sciences and entrepreneurship. Guided by my maternal grandfather’s wisdom in Ayurveda and naturopathy, my mother imparted in me a deep appreciation for wellness. As an entrepreneur, I seamlessly integrate the best of both sides of my family background.

After catering to a diverse clientele, including politicians, celebrities, homemakers, doctors, corporates, influencers, media personalities, models, and role models for 15 years, I have transitioned into a new role as a creator and influencer. My aim is to connect with broader audiences, fostering personal connections through my social media channels and delivering positive vibes directly from my lenses to your screen. The warmth, love, and faith I’ve received from all of you have been incredible, and I am hopeful to continue this journey with even more support.

Join me as I focus on all dimensions of wellness—as the wellness catalyst—watch, learn, and grow with me!


Celebrity Nutrition leader with 15+ years in holistic and functional nutrition, recognized by government and private authorities. Latest research-backed, client-centric, certified. Unlock vibrant health with me.

Content Creator

I am seasoned and versatile content creator, with a rich background in television, Instagram, YouTube, and podcasts. An upcoming author, blending creativity with research and ethical wellness principles.


Founder of Nutri4Verve, a Nutripreneur for 15+ years, crafting careers with, experience, ethics and enthusiasm. Providing motivation & wellness programs, employment, nutrition internships, and entrepreneurial courses.

Awards & Accolades

Embark on my celebrated journey, adorned with accolades from government and private bodies. A visual gallery showcases profound knowledge, understanding, experience, and genuine empathy for all.

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As a vibrant Influencer & Collaborator, my diverse partnerships span health, wellness, lifestyle, motivation, career, education, travel, food, and hospitality. I am open to expanding into new arenas, offering a spacious studio and advanced technical support for exciting and genuine collaborations. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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